Where can I grow cannabis? Definitive European Home Growing Guide

There are 50 countries that are a part of the European continent and, unsurprisingly, there are just as many unique policies to pay attention to. With the advancement in home-growing technologies, the option of growing cannabis in the home has become more popular.

That being said, growers will want to stay on the right side of the law. This is why we have decided to compile a list of European companies and their laws regarding home grows. Each European country has its own experiences with, and opinions, regarding cannabis, and their laws reflect this.

So, without further ado, here is our definitive grow guide for the continent of Europe (and the answer to those of you in Europe asking “Where can I grow?”).


Growing, owning, using, and selling marijuana of any kind for any reason is illegal in Albania.


At this time, it is illegal to own, use, sell, and grow cannabis in Andorra.


In Austria, it is legal to grow cannabis for medical purposes. The country’s stance on the growing of cannabis for personal use is, however, a complicated one.


At this time, it is illegal to own, use, sell, and grow cannabis for any reason in the country of Azerbaijan.


Production, sale, use, and possession of marijuana is currently illegal in Belarus.


Growing cannabis is illegal in Belgium, but the growing of one plant (and the possession of up to 3g on one’s person) has been decriminalized.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Medical and recreational cannabis are illegal to sell, own, possess and grow in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In Bulgaria, it is illegal to grow, sell, own, and use marijuana for both recreational and medical reasons.


While the use of medical cannabis is legal in Croatia, it is still illegal to grow for either recreational or medical use.


The use and cultivation of medical marijuana were legalized in Cyprus this past February (with some conditions). Growing for recreational use, however, is still illegal.

Czech Republic

While the possession of up to 10g of cannabis on one’s person, and the growing of up to 5 plants has been decriminalized, it is still illegal to own, use, sell, and grow cannabis in the Czech Republic.


Growing cannabis for personal and medical use is illegal. Farmers would be allowed to grow cannabis with a special permit and under secured conditions, however.


In Estonia, marijuana has been decriminalized, but using, owning, growing, and selling cannabis is still illegal.


Medical marijuana is legal, but growing is still illegal. Only 12 patients in the entire country have permission to grow their own cannabis.


There is talk of decriminalizing cannabis in France, but in the meantime, it’s still illegal to grow, own, use, and sell cannabis there.


While consumption and possession of cannabis have been legalized in the country of Georgia, cultivation for personal or medical use is still illegal.


Medical marijuana is legal for those with a license. Growing at home is still illegal though.


Patients are allowed to grow their own cannabis in Greece. The THC level just has to be under 0.2%.


Consuming, selling, and growing cannabis for any reason (medical or recreational) is illegal in Hungary.


In Iceland, the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis is illegal (no matter the reason for it).


Medical and recreational cannabis are illegal to grow, possess, and consume in Ireland under any circumstances.


While the consumption of medical marijuana is legal (with some restrictions), cultivating cannabis for any reason is illegal in Italy.


In Kazakhstan, it’s illegal to grow (as well as use and possess) pot for both medical and recreational purposes.


Growing, possessing, and using cannabis is illegal in Kosovo for any reason.


In Latvia, it’s not legal to use, possess, or grow cannabis whether it’s for recreational or medical use.


It’s not legal to possess, use, or grow cannabis in Lichtenstein for any reason.


In Lithuania, it’s illegal to produce, sell, own, or use cannabis for both commercial and personal use (whether it is medical or recreational marijuana).


Both, medical and recreational marijuana is illegal to possess, consume, and grow in Luxembourg.


In Malta, it’s illegal to grow, consume, and sell marijuana no matter if one is a patient or a recreational user.


The use, sale, and cultivation of cannabis for recreational or medical uses is illegal in Moldova at this time.


The use, possession, and sale of Medical and recreational marijuana are both illegal in all forms in Montenegro. Cultivation is also illegal.


The situation in the Netherlands is a little more complex than with some of the other countries mentioned here. It is illegal to grow, however, the cultivation of up to 5 plants is unenforced (as long as it’s not for commercial use).

North Macedonia

While the use of medical marijuana is legal in North Macedonia, it is still illegal to grow for medical or recreational purposes.


Medical cannabis has been legal in Norway with permission from a doctor since 2016. Growing cannabis is still illegal though.


Poland has legalized medical marijuana. Growing is illegal for any purpose (whether medical or recreational) however.


All drugs have been decriminalized in Portugal. However, it’s still illegal to grow cannabis for any reason or purpose.


Medical marijuana with very low THC levels is legal in Romania. Growing cannabis for any reason is illegal at this time, however.


Both medical and recreational marijuana are illegal to grow, consume, possess or sell in Russia.

San Marino

In San Merino, it’s illegal to grow, possess, use, or sell marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.


Using, selling, owning, and growing cannabis for any reason is illegal in Serbia.


In Slovakia, it is illegal to grow, sell, own, and consume marijuana of any kind at this time.


While some products containing cannabinoids are legal for medical use in Slovenia, medical and recreational marijuana in flower form is still illegal. Growing for any purpose is illegal.


Cultivating cannabis for commercial use is illegal, but is permitted for personal use with some restrictions.


It is illegal to grow, use, own, and sell cannabis in the country of Sweden at this time.


While recreational marijuana was decriminalized, and medical marijuana is legal, growing at home is still illegal in Switzerland.


Growing, using, selling, and possessing cannabis is currently illegal in Turkey.


While possessing small amounts of cannabis for personal use is decriminalized in Ukraine, medical marijuana is still completely illegal. The growing of cannabis for any reason is also illegal in Ukraine.

United Kingdom

Medical cannabis has been legalized for patients with very specific conditions. All other cannabis is still illegal in the U.K. however, as well as growing the plant for any reason.

Vatican City

Growing, using, owning, and selling cannabis is illegal in Vatican City at this time.

This is a list of European countries and their current laws on home-cultivation of marijuana. Please keep in mind, however, that laws are always changing. Be sure to keep an eye on your local legislature to be on the safe side. For those of you living in countries where growing at home is illegal, we say "don't lose hope!" As we mentioned, laws are always changing, and there is always the chance that the legal status of cannabis will change in your region.